When my daughter was invited to try an acting class I expected the same reaction from her that I get with many new activities. I usually ask "How was it?" and in return I get an empty "good...." But not that night! She was very excited and persistent about when she could continue! Whoa! She detailed the conversation with everything she loved about the class. She was astonished to see what she acted like on video the first time. The use of video equipment is such a great tool. Christine is warm and inviting, not at all like a stage fright acting class we expected. My daughter comes away from each class with a sense of accomplishment and the feeling of progressing toward her own goal. The best part is her attitude toward constructive criticism. Christine knows how to make the kids want to do better. Its pretty awesome to see your child come out of the session smiling!


  • Osbrink Osbrink

    “…great range in emotions, very believable” “Great monologues…well practiced!”  “Very impressive, great energy, great voice!” “Perfect monologue choices, can tell you’re well trained.’’

  • Clear Talent Group Clear Talent Group

    “Very solid actor. Expressive and emotional.”“Nice job, he is solid and likeable.”“Very into the character, nice job!”

  • Beal Talent & Associates Beal Talent & Associates

    “I really like this kid…I must have him as a client. Amazing!”"Good vocal inflection – Believable in his delivery, he did such a great job…"“Good eye contact – takes her beats at the right moments. Charming & funny.”“High energy, confident. Has a lot of potential.”

  • bmg | Talent bmg | Talent

    “Natural actor – strong monologues.”“Very confident, funny kid. Good monologues.”“Strong actor, good dramatic monologue, funny, natural.”

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Now you can read my book free on Amazon! Being the mother of a working actor and a former Los Angeles talent agent I wrote this book to help guide young actors and their parents, helping you to avoid the (sometimes costly) mistakes many new actors make. It was written from both a parents and a talent agents point of view. Perusing a career in the entertainment industry can be tricky and this book will help you get started, it offers valuable advice that will give you the foundation you need to start your child's career on the right path.

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